Aerial UAV

Skilled and experienced CAA101 & Certified CAA102 drone operators for piece of mind.  


We provide aerial photography services for those high risk & hard to reach locations that are only accessible via drone. We have years of experience as ground & aerial photographers for a wide range of different industries.


Incorporating aerial videography footage into promotional videos is a great way to give them a different edge.  Our footage has featured in TV & films, documentaries, music videos,NZ tourism and dozens of promotional videos.


We use drone technology to inspect transport infrastructure, bridges, buildings, facades, roofs etc using aerial, handheld & vehicle mounted camera for a wide range of clients across a broad spectrum of industries.


We can photograph and generate high resolution images of large scale areas for both 2D & 3D applications. Images are GEO Tagged with altitude allowing them to be easily imported into any 2D or 3D software.

Aerial UAV Drone Photography & Videography

Based in Auckland we can travel anywhere urban and remote to capture footage from the air using UAV drone technology.

We can fly most places under CAA101 providing we also abide to local bylaws set by the local councils and transport agencies.  When required we operate under CAA102 due the requirement of a more rigorous health & safety approach.

For peace of mind we’re fully cover by public liability & aviation insurance and our skilled and experienced pilots have years of experience flying drones even in some of the most challenging situations.


Photography & Videography

We provide aerial photography and videography services for those high risk & hard to reach locations that are only accessible via drone under CAA102. We also have years of experience as ground photographers & videgoraphers.

Our Fleet

DJI Inspire 1 PRO / X5

16MP Images, 1080 FHD + 4K UHD Video
MFT Sensor –12.8 Dynamic Range,
ISO 100-25600, 24-84 degree FOV
Focus – 20cm to Infinity – 12mm – 45mm Lenses

DJI Phantom 4 PRO

20MP Images
1080 FHD 25fps – 4K UHD 50fps Video
ISO 100- 12800, 84 degree FOV

Topological Surveys

Depending on size of the size dozens if not hundreds of high res GEO tagged images are stictched and rendered to create one massive 2D & 3D survey images which can then be imported into 3D modelling programs.

2D Rendering

Dozens of 20MP aerial photos where taken to compose this final image of Watercare’s site located at Army Bay.  This was to give an overview of the condition of the site before major construction started on site.

3D Rendering

The image below was composed used hundreds of images.  The project was to capture the remains of a bush reserve that had been destroyed on a fire.  Full scale 2D and 3D models were created an used by Auckland University so they can section it off and study the regeneration of local animals, insects and fauna. 

Inspection Services

Our skilled & experienced pilots were the first in New Zealand to start inspecting transport infrastructure using drone technology.  From CCTV placements through to structure bridge inspections like Grafton Managere & Greenhithe where its near impossible to reach places without major disruptions to the transport network.  

IWe us a combination of drone, handheld and vehichle mounted cameras to inspect roofs,  facades, buildings, roads, bridges, etc.